Procedure and Requirements for House Construction

Application for Construction Permit

I. Procedures

1. Verify statement of accounts from accounting/ finance for payment of lot, then request for authorization for construction from the registered owner in case the applicant is not the principal owner of the lot.

2. Pay the corresponding fees for:

Location Plan P 1,200.00/lot
Verification Survey
(Valid for 30 Days)
P 2,500.00/lot

II. Requirements

1. Two (2) sets of house plans(blueprint copy),signed and sealed by a licensed Architect or Civil Engineer with complete details of Architectural, Structural, Sanitary and Electrical, all in conformity with the Deed of Restrictions and National Building Code.

2. Two (2) blue print copies of Location plan signed and sealed by a licensed GeodeticEngineer.

3. Certification of Relocation Survey (note: updated for 30 calendar days)

4. Photocopy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) (under lot owner’s name)and Deed of Absolute Sale, Contract to Sell and Deed of Restrictions, Special Power of Attorney (in case the applicant is not the registered owner). Certification of payment (Joint Venture lot).

5. Original Receipt of Verification Survey and location plan.

III. Processing

1. Submit filled-up Construction permit form and other supporting documents

2. Submit all the required house plans/location plans for checking/examination.

3. Issuance of order of payment for Construction Bond

Construction Bond (Refundable)
Processing Fee (Non-Refundable)
Class “AA”
P 40,000.00
P 30,000.00
Class “A”
P 20,00.00
P 20,00.00

Upon the completion of the construction of the residential house applied for. Construction Bond shall be refunded/returned to you (lot owner), provided you have not committed any violations on the deed of Restrictions.

IV. Water Service Connection

Class “AA” P 9,000.00/lot
Class “A” P 8,000.00/lot

Approved by:

Finance Director

For Inquiries:
Tel No.: 782-6842 / 910-5186